Algebraic Combinatorics on Words

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September 2003



Comprehensive 2002 introduction to combinatorics on words for mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists.


1. Finite and infinite words J. Berstel and D. Perrin; 2. Sturmian words J. Berstel and P. Seebold; 3. Unavoidable patterns J. Cassaigne; 4. Sesquipowers A. De Luca and S. Varricchio; 5. The plactic monoid A. Lascoux, B. Leclerc and J.-Y. Thibon; 6. Codes V. Bruyere; 7. Numeration systems C. Frougny; 8. Periodicity F. Mignosi and A. Restivo; 9. Centralisers of noncommutative series and polynomials C. Reutenauer; 10. Transformations on words and q-calculus D. Foata and G.-N. Han; 11. Statistics on permutations and words J. Desarmenien; 12. Makanin's algorithm V. Diekert; 13. Independent systems of equations T. Harju, J. Karhumaki and W. Plandowski.


Review of the hardback: 'This book will certainly become a reference book and have the same impact as the first book of Lotahire: essentially self-contained, with many exercise and interesting notes, not mentioning a bibliography with more than 450 items.' Jean-Paul Allouche, Zentrallblatt MATH Review of the hardback: '... an indispensable reference ...' Mathematika
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