The Statesman: By Sir Henry Taylor Revised Edition

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Dezember 1992



Sir Henry Taylor's classic treatise "The Statesman", originally published in 1836, was the first modern book on the subject of public administration. This 20th century edition is based on the revised and expanded text that Taylor published in 1878 as part of his "Collected Works".


Editors' Introduction - Sir Henry Taylor and the Study of Public Administration; Concerning the Education of Youth Destined for a Civil Career; Of the Age at which Official and Parliamentary Life Should Commence; A Statesman's Most Pregnant Function lies in the Choice and Use of Instruments; On the Getting and Keeping of Adherents; In the Choice of Men How Far Literary Merit May Be a Guide; Of Official Style; On the Inferences of Merit or Demerit from Popularity, and Something Concerning False Reputations; Concerning Interviews; Concerning the Conscience of a Statesman; Concerning the Age at which a Statesman Should Marry, and What Manner of Woman he Should Take to Wife; Concerning the Effects of Order and the Maintenance of Equanimity; Concerning Certain Points of Practice; On Official Criticism; On the Arts of Rising; On Quarrelling; On the Ethics of Politics; On Consistency in a Statesman; On Secrecy; On Ambition; Concerning Reform of the Executive, and the Constitution of an Office or Establishment for Transacting the Business of a Minister; Further Respecting the Establishment of a Minister-Private Secretaries-Clerks; Concerning Precis-Writers, and Processes of Business; On the Methods by Which a Statesman Can upon Occasion Get his Work Done out of Doors; On Parliamentary Interposition in Administrative Business; On Aids to Legislation to be Derived from Executive Experience; Of the Manner in Which Able, and of the Manner in Which Indifferent Statesmen are Deterred from Availing Themselves of Able Service; And of the Evils Which Ensue from Men's Authority Being in the Inverse Ratio of their Abilities; On the Administration of Patronage; Concerning the Amusements of a Statesman; On Manners; Of Statesmen Bred Such, and of Statesmen Bred in the Army, in the Navy, in Commerce and at the Bar; The Statesman out of Office.
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