The Hesiodic Catalogue of Women: Constructions and Reconstructions

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This collection of essays offers an exploration of the meaning and significance of the Catalogue of Women, attributed to Hesiod.


Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Ordering women in Hesiod's Catalogue Robin Osborne; 2. The beginning and end of the Catalogue of Women and its relation to Hesiod Jenny Strauss Clay; 3. Gods among men? The social and political dynamics of the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women Elizabeth Irwin; 4. Heracles in the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women Johannes Haubold; 5. Mestra at Athens: Hesiod fr. 43 and the poetics of panhellenism Ian Rutherford; 6. A catalogue within a catalogue: Helen's suitors in the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women (frr. 196-204) Ettore Cingano; 7. Pulp epic: the Catalogue and the Shield Richard P. Martin; 8. The Megalai Ehoiai: a survey of the fragments Giovan Battista D'Alessio; 9. Ordered from the Catalogue: Pindar, Bacchylides and Hesiodic genealogical poetry Giovan Battista D'Alessio; 10. The Hesiodic Catalogue and Hellenistic poetry Richard Hunter; 11. From genealogy to Catalogue: the Hellenistic adaptation of the Hesiodic catalogue form Helen Asquith; 12. The Hesiodic Catalogue of Women and Latin poetry Philip Hardie; 13. Or such as Ovid's Metamorphoses ... Richard Fletcher; Bibliography; Index of passages discussed; General index.


Richard Hunter is Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge. He has published extensively on Greek literature and his previous titles include Theocritus: Encomium of Ptolemy Philadelphus (Berkeley, 2003), Plato's Symposium (Oxford, 2004), and Tradition and Innovation in Hellenistic Poetry (0521835119).


Review of the hardback: '... these papers represent a welcome return to a tantalizing assortment of fragments ... This collection is a welcome sign, signalling ... attention to a complicated and tantalizing set of fragments. ... no student of the Catalogue of Women will come away from this book without a different approach to try out for him or herself, without repeatedly thinking while reading, 'I don't quite remember that fragment ...' and wanting to look at the poem anew.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review Review of the hardback: '... invaluable ... The collection of essays offers numerous intelligent ways of reading a fragmentary and influential poem ...' Journal of Hellenic Studies
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