Landmark Writings in Western Mathematics 1640-1940

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This book contains around 80 articles on major writings in mathematics published between 1640 and 1940. All aspects of mathematics are covered: pure and applied, probability and statistics, foundations and philosophy. Sometimes two writings from the same period and the same subject are taken together. The biography of the author(s) is recorded, and the circumstances of the preparation of the writing are given. When the writing is of some lengths an analytical table of its contents is supplied. The contents of the writing is reviewed, and its impact described, at least for the immediate decades. Each article ends with a bibliography of primary and secondary items.
.First book of its kind
.Covers the period 1640-1940 of massive development in mathematics
.Describes many of the main writings of mathematics
.Articles written by specialists in their field


A selection of contents: 1649 Rene Descartes, Geometria (Michel Serfati) 1684 G.W. Leibniz, first two calculus papers (Silvia Roero) 1687 Isaac Newton, Principia mathematica (Niccolo' Guicciardini) 1713 James Bernoulli, De arte conjectandi (Ivo Schneider) 1738 Daniel Bernoulli, Hydrodynamica (Gleb Mikhailov) 1743 Jean le Rond dAlembert, Traite de dynamique (Helmut Pulte) 1748 Leonhard Euler, Introductio ad analysin infinitorum (Karin Reich) 1755 Leonhard Euler, Differentialis (Sergei Demidov) 1763 Thomas Bayes and Richard Price, paper on probability theory (Andrew Dale) 1788 J.L. Lagrange, Mechanique analitique (Helmut Pulte) 1799-1805 P.S. Laplace, Exposition du systeme du monde, second edition, and Mecanique celeste (I. Grattan-Guinness) 1801 C.F. Gauss, Disquisitiones arithmeticae (Olaf Neumann) 1812, 1814 P.S. Laplace, Theorie analytique des probabilites and Essai philosophique (Stephen M. Stigler) 1821, 1823 A.-L. Cauchy, Cours danalyse and Resume of the calculus (I. Grattan-Guinness) 1822 J.B.J. Fourier, Theorie analytique de la chaleur (I. Grattan-Guinness) 1822 J.V. Poncelet, Traite des proprietes projectives des figures (Jeremy Gray) 1844 Hermann Grassmann, Die lineale Ausdehnungslehre (Albert Lewis) 1851 Bernhard Riemann, thesis on complex-variable analysis (Peter Ullrich) 1853 W.R. Hamilton, Lectures on quaternions (Albert Lewis) 1854 George Boole, Laws of thought (I. Grattan-Guinness) 1862 J.P.G. Lejeune-Dirichlet and Richard Dedekind, Vorlesungen uber Zahlentheorie (Catherine Goldstein) 1867 W. Thomson and P.G. Tait, Treatise on natural philosophy (Norton Wise) 1867 Bernhard Riemann, thesis on the foundations of geometries (Jeremy Gray) 1872 Felix Klein, essay on the Erlangen programme (Jeremy Gray) 1872-1891 Oliver Heaviside, Electrical papers (Ido Yavetz) 1881 Henri Poincare, prize essay on the three-body problem (June Barrow-Green) 1897 David Hilbert, report on number theory (Norbert Schappacher) 1899 David Hilbert, Grundlagen der Geometrie (Michael Toepell) 1900 David Hilbert, lecture on mathematical problems (Michiel Hazewinkel) 1900 Karl Pearson, papers on statistics (Eileen Magnello) 1904-1905 Henri Lebesgue, books on Integration and on Series trigonometriques, and 1915-1916 Albert Einstein, papers on general relativity theory (Tilman Sauer) 1917 dArcy Wentworth Thompson, On growth and form (Tim Horder) 1925 R.A. Fisher, Statistical methods for research workers (Anthony Edwards) 1927 G.D. Birkhoff, Dynamical systems (David Aubin) 1930 Paul Dirac, Principles of quantum mechanics and 1930-1931 B.L. van der Waerden, Moderne Algebra (Karl-Heinz Schlote) 1933 Andrei Kolmogorov, Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung (Jan von Plato) 1934, 1939 David Hilbert and Paul Bernays, Grundlagen der Mathematik (Wilfried Sieg)


"This remarkable book is itself a landmark publication in history of mathematics...The book is a must item for every mathematical library." -ZENTRALBLATT MATH "This ecumenical feature will ensure that even professional historians of mathematics will find something new in this most welcome addition to the literature on the history of modern mathematics and its applications." -MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS "This beautifully produced book comes with several very fine pictures and figures, as well as useful indices. The anthology presents the full nuances of the historical process, chances (theories) both realized and acknowledged or rejected, which results in a level of discussion to which all scholarly work on the history of mathematics should aspire." --Richard Siegmund-Schultze (Agder University College)
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