Freedom of Speech in Early Stuart England

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This book discusses a central chapter in the history of free speech in the western world. The nature and limits of freedom of speech prompted sophisticated debate in a wide range of areas in the early seventeenth century; it was one of the 'liberties of the subject' fought for by individuals and groups across the political landscape. David Colclough argues that freedom of speech was considered to be a significant civic virtue during this period. Discussions of free speech raised serious questions about what it meant to live in a free state, and how far England was from being such a state. Examining a wide range of sources, from rhetorical handbooks to Parliamentary speeches and manuscript miscellanies, Dr Colclough demonstrates how freedom of speech was conceived positively in the period c. 1603-1628, rather than being defined in opposition to acts of censorship.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Note on the text; Introduction; 1. Parrhesia, or licentiousness baptised freedom: the rhetoric of free speech; 2. Freedom of speech and religion; 3. Freedom of speech in early Stuart Parliaments; 4. 'A very paschall fit for Rome': freedom of speech and manuscript miscellanies; Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.


David Colclough is Lecturer in English at Queen Mary, University of London. This is his first book.


"Freedom of Speech in Early Stuart England makes a major contribution to our understanding of early modern political discourse. Colclough's impeccable scholarship and mastery of archival sources amasses a vast array of persuasive evidence that effectively describes a culture seriously engaged in civil life and concerned about subject's rights. This will prove an invaluable resource for literary scholars seeking to understand the cultural contexts of early modern literature." Early Modern Literary Studies "Coclough's writing is attractive and his analysis often acute and subtle. His use of recent sources is excellent Renaissance Quarterly Stanford Lehmberg, University of Minnesota
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