Italian Politics: Adjustment Under Duress

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This wide-ranging book seeks to unravel the complexities of post-1992 Italian democracy. It takes as its point of departure the dramatic political tensions of the early 1990s and evaluates these against the background of an analysis of the 'First Republic' that predates these changes.


Acknowledgements. List of Tables. List of Figures. List Abbreviations. Introduction. Chapter 1: Understanding Political Change in Post War Italy. Chapter 2: The Post-War Economy and Macro-Economic Policy Making. Chapter 3: Political Parties and the Party System. Chapter 4: Political Culture, Elections and Voting Behaviour. Chapter 5: The Representation of Interests. Chapter 6: Informal Institutions. Chapter 7: The Government, Parliament and the President. Chapter 8: The Bureaucracy and Judiciary. Chapter 9: Central-Local Relations and Sub-National Government. Chapter 10: Governing the Economy I: Big Industry and the Public-Private Divide. Chapter 11: Governing the Economy II: the South and the 'Third Italy'. Chapter 12: Italy and the European Union. Notes. References. Index


James Newell is Reader in the School of English, Sociology, Politics and Contemporary History at the University of Salford. Martin Bull is Professor in the School of English, Sociology, Politics and Contemporary History at the University of Salford.


'Italian Politics provides a comprehensive, articulated, convincing assessment of the new political system in Italy ... It provides and makes readily available to fellow Italian politics scholars a wealth of data ... The book is both intellectually sophisticated and historically detailed. The argument that the authors present is effectively supported by the data presented in the text, without being merely data-driven. Data are never presented without being properly contextualized. The authors' attentiveness to historical details ... testifies not only to an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Italian politics but also to a profound understanding of it. Its analytic merits, its sophistication, its attention to details and its wealth of data make Italian Politics a must read for all Italian politics scholars.' Riccardo Pelizzo, Modern Italy
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