Basic Concepts for Managing Telecommunications Networks

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November 1999



It is important to understand what came before and how to meld new products with legacy systems. Network managers need to understand the context and origins of the systems they are using. Programmers need an understanding of the reasons behind the interfaces they must satisfy and the relationship of the software they build to the whole network. And finally, sales representatives need to see the context into which their products must fit.


Preface. 1. Facing the Inevitable. 2. Any Combination, Anywhere, Any Time. 3. Network Architectures for the Future. 4. Methods, Practices, and Diagnosis. 5. Pillar-Network Condition. 6. Pillar-System Environment. 7. Pillar-Software Functions and Features. 8. Pillar-Database Considerations. 9. Pillar-Human Factors. 10. Economic Impact and Cost Studies. Appendix A: Acronyms. Appendix B: Bibliography of Useful Patents, Books and Articles.


C. M. Yuhas is a freelance writer who has published articles on network management in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication and IEEE Network. She has a BA in English from Douglass College and an MA in communications from New York University.
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