Client/Server Databases: Enterprise Computing

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Describing the technology that makes it possible to design mission-critical database applications using inexpensive hardware and software database technology, this book provides the fundamental knowledge and design skills needed to effectively employ database software to solve business problems. It also examines distributed client/server environments and the application configurations that can be oriented in a multisystem environment. Introduces the capabilities of Structured Query Language (SQL), and covers the common pitfalls that new users might not otherwise discover from reading software documentation.


I. INFORMATION AND DATA. 1. The Database Environment. 2. Views of Data. 3. Data Modeling. II. DATABASE SOFTWARE. 4. Database Technology Evolution. 5. Database Access Software. 6. Transaction Processing Software. III. THE CLIENT/SERVER ENVIRONMENT. 7. Client/Server Computing. 8. Client/Server Database Configurations. 9. Distributed Database Software Architectures. IV. THE RELATIONAL DATA MODEL. 10. Relational Architecture. 11. Relational Operations. 12. Integrity Constraints. 13. Third Normal Form. 14. Higher Levels of Normalization. V. STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE. 15. SQL Language Characteristics. 16. The SELECT Statement. 17. Subqueries. 18. Inner and Outer Joins. 19. Creating and Updating Tables. 20. Authorization Facilities. 21. Programming with Embedded SQL. 22. Programming with Dynamic SQL.


James Martin worked for IBM for 19 years, has written numerous books including one Pulitzer Prize nomination, has founded several companies and acted as a consultant at the highest levels of business and government. Joe Leben is an independent consultant based in the Chicago area who writes books on information technology.
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