At the Crossroads: Librarians on the Information Superhighway

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August 1995



White's previously published articles and speeches (most presented after 1989) identify and address critical issues that range from library education, funding, and leadership to technology, ethics, and burnout. Although often delivered with humor, White's probing and sometimes controversial commentaries on the opportunities and dangers to the profession are certain to provoke serious thought. Divided into three sections, the book covers "Librarians, Their Self-Image, and the Perceptions That Define Their Preparation"; "Librarians and Their Role, As Defined by Them and by Others"; and "Librarians in the Cruel World of Politics and Money." The author introduces each section with general comments. A must for the library professional shelf and a useful supplementary text for management and issues courses in library schools.


?As is customary with White's articles, these raise serious questions about the profession while at the same time maintaining a light touch.?-Journal of Academic Librarianship
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