Banned in the U.S.A.: British Films in the United States and Their Censorship, 1933-1966

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Dezember 1998



How has America censored British films? In this original, fascinating book, Anthony Slide answers this question, making full use for the first time of the recently opened US Production Code Administration files. Film by film from the 1930s through to the 1960s, he tells the inside story of the ongoing dialogue between the British film making industry and the American censors. The book shows graphically how the Production Code system operated, revealing how the censors viewed moral issues, violence, bad language and matters of decorum as well as revealing acute national differences, such as American concern over the British preoccupation with toilets. It also dispels myths, depicting chief censor Joseph Breen and his staff as knowledgeable people who sympathized with and admired the British film industry.


The production code and film censorship in America - a concise history; the production code and the British Film Industry; the films. appendices: other British films released in the USA with a production code certificate; British films released in the USA without a production code seal of approval. Select bibliography; index of films; general index.


Anthony Slide is a film historian who lives and works in Studio City, California.
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