The Privatization of Social Policy?

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Occupational welfare is a distinctive solution to contemporary social policy dilemmas. Though it plays a substantial role in many countries, especially in pension provision, occupational welfare and its subtle links to the welfare state have been largely neglected by social scientists. This book, a collaborative effort by a distinguished group of experts, offers in-depth studies of occupational welfare in the US and Scandinavia. These chapters are complemented by discussions of two partially contrasting cases (Canada and Japan), an introductory overview, and a concluding comparative analysis.


List of Contributors - List of Figures and Tables - Acknowledgements - Introduction; M.Shalev - PART 1: THE UNITED STATES - Is America Exceptional? The Role of Occupational Welfare in the United States and the European Community; M.Rein - From Welfare Capitalism to the Welfare State: Marion B. Folsom and the Social Security Act of 1935 - S.M.Jacoby - Labour Unions and the Privatization of Welfare: The Turning Point in the 1940s; B.Stevens - Public Policy and the Rise of Private Pensions: The US Experience since 1930; F.Dobbin & T.Boychuk -Private Pensions, State Regulation and Income Security for Older Workers: The US Auto Industry; J.Quadagno & M.Hardy - PART 2: SCANDINAVIA - Public and Occupational Pensions in the Nordic Countries; E.Overbye - The Labour Movement, Social Policy and Occupational Welfare in Norway; J.M.Hippe & A.W.Pedersen - The Development of Occupational Pensions in Finland and Sweden: Class Politics and Institutional Feedbacks; O.Kangas & J.Palme - Danish Occupational Pensions in the 1980s: From Social Security to Political Economy; F.von Nordheim Nielsen - PART 3: CANADA AND JAPAN - Between American Exceptionalism and Social Democracy: Public and Private Pensions in Canada; G.M.Olsen & R.J.Brym - Occupational Welfare and the Japanese Experience; T.Skinkawa & T.J.Pempel - Conclusion: Occupational Welfare in the Social Policy Nexus; G.Esping-Andersen - References
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