On Einstein's Path

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This collection of nearly forty essays in honor of the noted physicist and cosmologist Engelbert Schucking spans the gamut of research in Einsteins theory of general relativity and presents a lively and personal account of current work in the field. Indispensable for physicists involved in research in the field, the book includes important chapters by noted theorists such as A. Ashtekar, P.G. Bergmann, J. Ehlers, E.T. Newman, J.V. Narlikar, R. Penrose, D.W. Sciama, J. Stachel, and W. Rindler.


Jordan, Pauli, Politics, Brecht...and a Variable Gravitational Constant. Thomsom Scattering in an Expanding Universe.
Geometrical Formulation of Quantum Mechanics.
General Covariance is Bose-Einstein Statistics.
The Split and Propagation of Light Rays in Relativity.
How to Define a Unique Vacuum in Cosmology.
EIH Theory and Noether's Theorem.
The Static Cylinder in General Relativity.
Gravity and the Tenacious Scalar Field.
The Cavendish Experiment in General Relativity.
Wave Maps in General Relativity.
General Relativty and Experiment.
Some Developments in Newtonian Cosmology.
Deviation of Geodesics in FLRW Spacetime Geometries.
Poincairé Pseudo-symmetries in Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes.
Taub Numbers and Asymptotic Invariants.
Second Class Constraints.
On the Structure of the Energy-momentum and the Spin Currents in Dirac's Electron Theory.
The Physical Reality of the Quantum Wave Function.
The Ultimate Extension of the Bianchi Classification for Rotating Dust Models.
On the Classification of the Real Four-dimensional Lie Algebras.
Spinning Universes in Newtonian Cosmology.
Relativistic Gravitational Fields with Close Newtonian Analogs.
Working with Engelbert.
Some Remarks on Twistor Theory.
Critique of the Wheeler-De Witt Equation.
A New Version of the Heavenly Equation.
A Plain Man's Guide to Bivectors, Biquarernion, and the Algebra and Geometry of Lorentz Transformations.
Leon Lichtenstein's Work on Rotating Fluids.
Decaying Neutrinos and the Flattening of the Galactic Halo.
The Kasner Condition and Inhomogeneous Perfect Fluid Cosmologies.
Gravitational Screening.
On the Interpretation of the Einstein- Cartan Formalism.
On Complex Structures in Physics.
The Englebert Experience: Pathways from the Past.
Curriculum Vita.
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