From Constantine to Julian: Pagan and Byzantine Views: A Source History

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Januar 1996



From Constantine to Julian provides students with important source material, covering an age of major transition in Europe; an age which saw the establishment of Rome as a Christian Empire and a period of recidivism under Julian.Texts included are the anonymous Origo Constantini; Eumenius, Panegyric of 310; Byzantine life of Constantine; Libanius, oration 59; and the Passion of Artemius. Most of this material has not previously been translated into English: students will now have direct access to the most important sources for the period which is studied on courses in classical antiquity, early medieval Europe and ecclesiastical history.


"The editors of this volume are the be praised for producing an attractive and inexpensive sourcebook and for providing the proper contexts and commentaries (and a handy time line) to keep these texts firmly rotted in their historical milieux."
-The Journal of Near Eastern Studies
"What holds the volume together is the editors' desire to make the pagan and Byzantine traditions on the house of Constantine better known in contradistinction to the already well-known church historical traditions. . .."
-Religious Review Studies, Volume 23, Number 1, January 1997
"A thorough treatment of the subject and recommended highly for student and scholar alike."
-" Bryn Mawr Classical Review
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