The Environment and Society Reader

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A comprehensive introduction to environmental issues in sociology, for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. Frey (sociology, U. of North Florida) has gathered together papers from a variety of scholarly journals covering the scope, nature, and human causes of environmental proble


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I.NATURE AND CHARACTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS. 1.Environmental Problems from the Local to the Global. 1. R. Scott Frey, Environmental Problems.
2.Environmental Sociology: Past, Present, and Back to the Future.
2. Raymond Murphy, Sociology as if Nature Did Not Matter: An Ecological Critique. 3. Riley E. Dunlap, The Evolution of Environmental Sociology: A Brief History and Assessment of the American Experience. 4. John Bellamy Foster, Marx's Theory of a Metabolic Rift: Classical Foundations for Environmental Sociology. 3.Environmental Justice within and between Countries.
5. Robert D. Bullard, Anatomy of Environmental Racism and the Environmental Justice Movement. 6. R. Scott Frey, The Hazardous Waste Stream in the World-System. 7. The First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, Principles of Justice. 4.Driving Forces of Environmental Problems.
8. Thomas Dietz and Eugene A. Rosa, Rethinking the Environmental Impacts of Population, Affluence, and Technology. 9. James O'Connor, Uneven and Combined Development and Ecological Crisis: A Theoretical Introduction. II.HUMAN RESPONSES TO ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS. 5.Environmental Beliefs and Attitudes.
10. Robert Emmet Jones and Riley E. Dunlap, The Social Bases of Environmental Concern: Have They Changed over Time? 11. Richard J. Ellis and Fred Thompson, Culture and Environment in the Pacific Northwest. 12. Riley E. Dunlap and Angela G. Mertig, Global Concern for the Environment: Is Affluence a Prerequisite? 6.The Environmental Movement.
13. Robert J BrulleEnvironmental Discourse and Social Movement Organizations: A Historical and Rhetorical Perspective on the Development of U.S. Environmental Organizations.14. Jayanta Bandyopadhyay and Vandana Shiva, Development, Poverty and the Growth of the Green Movement in India. 15. David John Frank, Science, Nature, and the Globalization of the Environment, 1870-1990. 7.Environmental Assessment and Management.
16. Thomas Dietz, R. Scott Frey, and Eugene Rosa, Risk Assessment and Management. 8.Science, Democracy, and the Environment.
17. Phil Brown, Popular Epidemiology and Toxic Waste Contamination: Lay and Professional Ways of Knowing. 18. Silvio O. Funtowicz and Jerome R. Ravetz, Science for the Post-Normal Age. III.ENVISIONING A SUSTAINABLE AND EQUITABLE FUTURE. 9.Toward a New Worldview.
19. William R. Catton, Jr. and Riley E. Dunlap, A New Ecological Paradigm for Post-Exuberant Sociology. 10.From Growth to Sustainable and Equitable Development.
20. Alex Farrell and Maureen Hart, What Does Sustainability Really Mean?: The Search for Useful Indicators. 11. Attaining Sustainable and Equitable Development.21. Paul Hawken, A Declaration of Sustainability. Index.
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