Mission and Method: The Early Nineteenth-Century French Public Health Movement

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April 2002



This book argues that the french led the way in the nineteenth-century public health movement.


List of tables and illustrations; Preface; Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1. Community, method, context; 2. The methodology of public hygiene; 3. The context of public hygiene: national public health policy; 4. Institutionalization: the health councils; 5. Investigation and moralization: occupational hygiene and industrialization; 6. Investigation and practical reform: public health in Paris; 7. Public health in Paris: investigation, salubrity, and social welfare; 8. Public health and public health movements: comparison and assessment; 9. Before Pasteur: hygienism and the French model of public health; Epilogue; Appendixes; Bibliographical note; Index.


"...French physicians, pharmacists, and socially minded inquirers...are aptly described and anaylzed in Ann La Berge's excellent new book...La Berge has given us an understanding of the drive underlying their work." Evelyn B. Ackerman, Journal of the History of Medicine "...an important book, full of fascinating detail." J. Farley, Choice "The text is written clearly in a style that does not bore the reader. Although directed at a specific audience, the treatise lends itself to general readership. I recommend this book to anyone wishing a clearer picture of the origins of modern public health at the begining of the last century in France." John E. Christ, Science Books and Films "...a marvelous book filled from cover to cover with detailed insights into what life was really like in early nineteenth-century France, and in particular Paris. This book should be required reading for all nineteenth-century French scholars and for anyone interested in discovering the misery of life prior to the scientific understanding of infectious disease." Richard E. Peschel and Enid Peschel, Nineteenth Century French Studies "...provides a useful synthesis of many concepts and ideas that until now have been scattered throughout a rapidly expanding body of literature focused on more specific topics within the movement. Because her study has a broader scope, Ann La Berge has opened the way to defining thorny concepts that have been taken for granted in the secondary literature, such as 'hygienists' and 'public health.' Catherine J. Kudlick, ISIS use "Ann F. LaBerge's meticulous study of French public health between 1800 and 1850...is particularly instructive...the French public-health movement was largely a bourgeois discourse, providing copper-bottomed reasons for leaving much to the hidden hand, and explaining why direct modes of public-health intervention were doomed to disappointment. Ample evidence for this insightful reading is provided by Ann La Berge." R.P. Wilkinson, Times Literary Supplement "...provides a comprehensive account of a subject of broad historical, cultural, and social significance. La Berge clearly articulates the complexities and controversies within the nineteenth-century French public health movement. Scholars of medicine, nursing, public health, and organizational history will find Mission and Method helpful to a broader understanding of the development of public health reform and idealogy." Barbara Brush, Book Reviews "...a comprehensive review of the publications and practical achievements of the public health reformers who were active from the Napoleonic era to 1850...careful reconstruction of the evidence and arguments deployed by the reformers...the result of a prodigious amount of research in the publications of French public health reformers, and La Berge has largely suceeded in her attempt to write somethine like an 'official history' of the public health movement..." Thomas Kselman, Journal of Modern History
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