Economic Complexity: Chaos, Sunspots, Bubbles, and Nonlinearity: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometrics

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November 2004



BDThe contents of this volume comprise the proceedings of the International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics conference held in 1987 at the IC^T


Editor's introduction; Part I. Sunspot Equilibria: 1. Sunspot equilibrium in an overlapping-generations economy with an idealized contingent-commodites market David Cass and Karl Shell; 2. On stationary sunspot equilibria of order K Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Roger Guesnerie; 3. Local bifurcations and stationary sunspots Jean-Michel Grandmont; 4. On the nonequivalence of the Arrow-securities game and the contingent-commodities game James Peck and Karl Shell; Part II. Bubbles, Instability, and Hyperinflation: 5. Endogenous financial-production cycles in a macroeconomic model Duncan K. Foley; 6. Speculative bubbles and exchange of information on the market of a storable good L. Broze, C. Gourieroux and A. Szafarz; 7. Least-squares learning and the dynamics of hyperinflation Albert Marcet and Thomas J. Sargent; Part III. Empirical Tests for Chaos: 8. A comparison between the conventional economic approach to structural inference and the nonparametric chaotic attractor approach William A. Barnett and Seungmook S. Choi; 9. Nonlinear dynamics and GNP data Jose A. Scheinkman and Blake LeBaron; Part IV. Chaos and Informational Complexity in Economic Theory: 10. Paths of optimal accumulation in two-sector models Michele Boldrin; 11. Economic growth in the very long run: on the multiple-phase interaction of population, technology, and social infrastructure Richard H. Day and Jean-Luc Walter; 12. When are small frictions negligible? Stephen E. Spear; 13. Imperfect financial intermediation and complex dynamics Michael Woodford; Part V. Nonlinear Economic Modeling: 14. Modeling with normal polynominal expansions John Geweke; 15. Hysteresis and the evolution of postwar US and UK unemployment James H. Stock; 16. Evidence of nonlinearity in the trade-by-trade stock market return generating process Melvin J. Hinich and Douglas M. Patterson.
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