Globalization, Liberalization and Policy Change: A Political Economy of India's Communications Sector

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April 1997



After the introduction of a new economic policy of 1991, India is increasingly portrayed as a big emerging market for consumer goods and for broadcasting and communications services. Policies for telecommunications, computer software and television broadcasting in India have also shifted fundamentally. The book considers communications policies in light of the role of communications in social and economic development and global patterns of trade and investment in communications and services.


List of Tables - Foreword - Preface - Acknowledgements - Abbreviations and Acronyms - Communications Policy Liberalization in India - The Conventional Neo-Liberal Account of Communications Policy Liberalization in India - Historical and Critical Theoretic Perspectives - From State-Led Planned Development to State-Guided Liberalization: Indian Political Economy in a Global Context - Declining Counter-Hegemony: India and International Services Liberalization - Indian Telecommunications: International Services Liberalization and National Policies - The Decline of the License Raj: Indian Software Export Policies - Building Infrastructure and Commercializing Broadcasting: Audiovisual Services Policy in India - Conclusions - Index
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