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Next to Shakespeare, Ben Jonson is perhaps the most widely studied Renaissance dramatist. Very few students of literature or drama would not encounter "Volpone" or "Bartholomew Fair" in the course of their studies, and there has been a recent resurgence of interest in "Epicoene, or the Silent Women" among gender theorists. As part of the "Complete Critical Guide" series, this volume offers the broadest range of information on Jonson and his works, from background on contexts to details of recent interpretations of his plays. A must for students of the Renaissance.


James Loxley is the author of Royalism and Poetry in the English Civil Wars (1997). He is lecturer in English literature at the University of Edinburgh.


'I'm really impressed indeed with the scope, precision, conciseness, lucidity and comprehensiveness of this book. ... Bringing so much together in such a short space and making sense of it all is a major achievement.' - Sean McEvoy, Varndean College, Brighton, UK
'James Loxley brings together a wide range of Ben Jonson scholarship to produce a detailed and thorough guide'. - Renaissance Journal
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