Imperial College Inaugural Lectures in M

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April 2001



This volume contains seven important articles in materials science and engineering, based upon inaugural lectures given by professors at Imperial College, London. Each author deals with an area of work in which he has been involved over a periOd of years, and gives a personal account, partly historical, of the main features and importance of his subject. The topics covered include: the strength and deformation of metals, the brittle behaviour of ceramics, electrical materials, biomaterials, friction and lubrication, and modern engineering adhesives.


Slippery customers, sticky problems, B.J. Briscoe; sticking up for adhesives, A.J. Kinloch; magical materials for motionless machines, D.B. Holt; interfaces in materials - if you can't beat them, join them, A. Atkinson; brittleness - a tough problem, R.D. Rawlings; the story of bioglass - from concept to clinic, L.L. Hench.


"Written at a level that is professional, but not for professionals in the field, the lectures reflect an open, breezy style that will capture a more general audience." Choice, Jan 2002 "Each lecture is written in such a way as to appeal to a wide-ranging audience, from those with little knowledge of the subject area to those well versed in the field. The relatively short chapters on each subject area give the reader an excellent overview of some important areas in materials science ..." IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, Jul/Aug 2002
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