Portable Health Administration

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"The Portable MHA" is a concise, readable book that gives an overview of the information covered in a Master of Health Administration program. The material is presented in a fashion so that professionals, administrative academics, and graduate students would be able to read, understand and utilize the information.


Overview Environmental Issues: Health Care Systems, Politics and Policy, and Access Health Administration: Systems, Policy and Management How Politics Makes Health Policy Poverty and the Ethics of Equitable Access and Quality Critical Organization & Management Elements The Tough Work of Leadership Developing Networks to Deal with Complex Health Care Problems Management Information Systems for Clinicians: Design and Function Medical Care Quality: Double Track Thinking and Action Quality Care and Academic Medical Centers: the Need for Physician Listening to Stakeholders Input - Interviews, Focus Groups Surveys and Direct Observation Lessons Learned from Hospital Mergers Finance, Economics, and Insurance Its Not About the Money: Financing and Payment of Physician Services Understanding Health Insurance Implementing Cost Control in Healthcare Physicain Rewards in the Academic Medical Center The Future Design and Redesign of the Health Systems' Futures Need for Health Policy Education in the Medical Curriculum Healthy Communities: Past, Present, and Future


Edited by Dr. Joseph Sassani and Dr. James Ziegenfuss

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