Hispanic American Voluntary Organizations

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Oktober 1985



"This directory will be of interest to libraries supporting Hispanic American studies and to public and state libraries with Hispanic clienteles." Reference Books Bulletin


?Gonzales's work is the 'first major attempt to compile a historical dictionary of Hispanic organizations.' Based upon data gathered from mailed questionnaires, its focus is on the three major Hispanic groups as identified by the author--Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cuban Americans. Arranged alphabetically (without entry numbers), each entry, of one to two pages in length, provides the history, purpose, goals, organizational structure, activities, and accomplishments for close to 200 national and local groups. Sources consulted for writing each entry are also given. An introductory essay presents the rationale for creation of this resource and a historical overview of Hispanic organizations in the US. The work concludes with three appendixes (geographical list of organizations, historical chronology for the three major groups, and list of organizations by function or activity). An author and subject index is also included. This graphically attractive, well-organized book will be useful to reference librarians, government agencies, and those interested in political science, social science, ethnic studies, American studies, and Latin American Studies.?-Choice
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