Particulate Colloids

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Volume IV (2005) covers preparation, characterization of colloids, stability and interaction between pairs of particles, and in concentrated systems, their rheology and dynamics. This volume contains two chapters written, or co-authored by J. Lyklema and edited contributions by A.P.Philipse, H.P. van Leeuwen, M. Minor, A. Vrij, R.Tuinier and T. van Vliet. The volume is logically followed by Vol V, but is equally valuable as a stand alone reference. * Combined with part V, this volume completes the prestigious series Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science* Together with volume V this book provides a general physical chemical background to colloid science* Covers all aspects of particle colloids


1) Introduction. 2) Preparation and characterization. 3) Pair interactions. 4) Dynamics and kinetics. 5) Concentrated colloids. 6) Rheology.


"A valuable source of information for many scientists and engineers who have to deal with colloidal systems. The five volumes of "Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science" will be a valuable text books for students but provide also an excellent reference for researchers that are new to this complex field of colloid and interface science. Especially volumes 4 and 5 will be of great value and can strongly be recommended for rheologists who work in this field of colloidal systems." APPLIED RHEOLOGY, Vol.15, Issue 5, 2005
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