Sport Education in Physical Education: Research Based Practice

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Januar 2005



Sport Education is an approach to the teaching of PE that emphasizes learning through sport, developing skills such as team-working and leadership in pupils, as well as enhancing self-esteem and encouraging an appreciation of concepts of fair play.
This new text includes unique case study work with contemporary school PE departments and is the first to examine how the Sport Education model can be applied by teachers in the context of the UK National Curriculum for Physical Education. The book covers all Key Stages, at primary and secondary levels, as well as all areas of activity within the NCPE. It also relates Sport Education to key contemporary issues in teaching and learning, such as assessment and inclusion, as well as offering practical guidance on how SE as an instructional model can be used to teach within each of the core areas of activity in the NCPE (i.e. games, swimming etc). This will be invaluable reading for researchers and trainees in Physical Education.


1. What is Sport Education and why is it timely to explore it? 2. Researching Sport Education: Partnerships in action. 3. Inclusion in Sport Education 4. Assessment and Sport Education 5. Sport Education and Cross Curricular Learning 6. Sport Education, Citizenship and Leadership 7. Sport Education and Lifelong Learning 8. Laying the Foundation for Sport Education 9. Sport Education in Key Stage 2 Games 10. Sport Education in Year 8 Games 11. Sport Education in Gymnastics 12. Sport Education in Athletics 13. Sport Education in Key Stage 4 Swimming 14. Sport Education and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 15. Sport Education in Teacher Education New Relationships. New Futures
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