Contemporary Jungian Clinical Practice

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Januar 2002



Contemporary Jungian Clinical Practice is the welcome companion to Jungian Thought in the Modern World produced by the same editors, Elphis Christopher and Hester McFarland Solomon. This book on clinical practice really gives depth and body to the theory. But equally importantly, it gives much valuable information on actual clinical work. Taken together, these two volumes provide that rare thing: theory refined in the crucible of clinical practice.


Dr. Elphis Christopher is medically qualified and has worked in the field of family planning and sexual medicine for thirty-five years. She is the author of a number of papers and books including 'Sexuality and Birth Control in Community Work' (1987). She has contributed to several more publications including 'Jungian Thought in the Modern World'. She has also been a consultant for Family Planning and Reproductive Care, Haringey National Health Service Primary Care Trust, a member of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine, and Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is a Full Member of the Jungian Analytic Section of the British Association of Psychotherapy and a past member of the BAP's Jungian Analytic Training Committee. She is currently in private practice. Hester McFarland Solomon trained with the Jungian Analytic Section of the BAP, where she is now a training therapist, teacher and supervisor, and a Fellow of the Association. She is past Chair of the BAP's Council, Ethics Committee, and Jungian Analytic Training Committee. She is in full time private practice, and has published a number of papers linking Jungian analytic and psychoanalytic theory and practice. She co-edited 'Jungian Thought in the Modern World'. She lectures both in the UK and abroad, and is also Vice President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology.
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