Northern Ireland and the Politics of Reconciliation

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This collection adds to the extensive literature on Northern Ireland and Ireland by bringing together most of the leading academic and political figures working in the field and offering a comprehensive, multidisciplinary overview of the historical process. The topics discussed include the remote and proximate causes of the conflict, recent developments within the two states on the island, the role of the Roman Catholic Church at the time of the foundation of the state of Northern Ireland, and the rise of the ecumenical movement. Particular attention is paid to the developments in Northern Ireland in the post-1969 period. The essays provide a context in which the problem may be better understood by the international scholarly community and by the interested general reader.


Preface; Introduction Dermot Keogh and Michael Haltzel; Part I. The Irish Question: Historical Perspectives: 1. Anglo-Irish relations and Northern Ireland: historical perspectives Roy Foster; 2. A constitutional background to the Northern Ireland crisis Alan J. Ward; 3. Revising revisionism: comments and reflections Kerby A. Mille; 4. The Catholic church, minority rights, and the founding of the Northern Irish state Mary Harris; 5. The supreme law: public safety and state security in Northern Ireland Charles Townshend; Part II. The Politics Of Social And Political Division: 6. Dynamics of social and political change in Northern Ireland John Whyte; 7. Dynamics of social and political change in the Irish Republic Joseph Lee; 8. New forces for positive change in Ireland Edna McDonagh; 9. The institutional churches and the process of reconciliation in Northern Ireland: recent progress in Presbyterian-Roman Catholic relationships Josiah Horton Beeman and Robert Mahony; 10. The cultural issue in Northern Ireland, 1965-91 Terence Brown; Part III. In Search Of The Politics Of Reconciliation: 11. Conflict and Possibilities Donald L. Horowitz; 12. The origins and rationale of the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 Garret Fitzgerald; 13. Ethnicity, the English, and Northern Ireland: comments and reflections Lord Armstrong; 14. The Anglo-Irish Agreement: a device for territorial management? Paul Arthur; 15. A new Ireland in a new Europe John Hume; Bibliography compiled by John Whyte; Index.


'These are the ideas of the intellectual heavyweights who have shaped the thinking of a generation of governments and peoples about 25 years of conflict in Northern Ireland. Not surprisingly, it contains its share of thought-provoking gems.' The Irish Times 'This is a very interesting, well edited book containing many useful essays ... Experts such as Charles Townshend and Joe Lee are in good form; its cultural survey by Terence Brown is worth the price of admission.' Irish Studies Review
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