The Cambridge History of Latin America

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Januar 1995



Part 2 examines the military in Latin American politics; democracy; the Left; labour movements and the urban working class; rural mobilisation and violence.


General preface; Preface to volume 6; Part I. State: 1. State organization in Latin America since 1930 Laurence Whitehead; Part II. Politics: 2. Democracy in Latin America since 1930 Jonathan Hartlyn; 3. The left in Latin American politics since c.1920 Alan Angell; 4. The military in Latin American politics since 1930 Alain Rouquie; Part III. Society and Politics: 5. The urban working class and labour movement in Latin America since 1930 Ian Roxborough; 6. Rural mobilizations in Latin America since c.1920 Guillermo de la Pena; 7. Women in twentieth-century Latin American society Asuncion Lavrin; Part IV. Church: 8. The Catholic church in Latin America Enrique Dussel; 9. The Protestant churches in Latin America since 1930 Jose Miguez Bonino; Bibliographical essays; Index.


"...highly worthwhile as a starting point for researchers and for its overview of comprehensive topics." - Choice "Leslie Bethell's monumental Latin American juggernaut continues to roll on. Those who are interested in Latin America between the onset of the Depression and the early 1990s will find a rich store of both information and argument in this double volume... the contributors' scholarly credentials are impeccable. And the story they have to tell is both important and intrinsically fascinating... as good a general survey as is currently available or perhaps conceivable." - Times Higher Education Supplement "This international, interdisciplinary, collaborative scholarship, applied in a common effort to understand a complex historical period, is a principal strength of the work. Thoughtful editing under the guidance of Leslie Bethell has generally succeeded in creating a coherently inter-related set of essays... a sweeping data-rich solidly analytical survey." - Hispanic American Historical Review "Any addition to the monumental Cambridge History provides a salient landmark for Latin American studies since the series offers both a unique teaching and research aid and a useful synopsis of the 'state-of-the-art- in the field. Volume VI - split into two sizable volumes - is no exception... a great deal of valuable scholarship is packed into these volumes... volumes that will be widely and profitably used, particularly by readers looking for up-to-date resumes of these grand, complex contemporary themes... The area covered by the contributors is enormous... their - generally - diligent mapping of modern Latin America has greatly enhanced our collective cognitive capacity." - Journal of Latin American Studies
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