The Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations: Volume 2, the American Search for Opportunity, 1865 1913

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The American Search for Opportunity traces the U.S. foreign policy between 1865 and 1913, linking these two historic trends by noting how the United States.


General editor's introduction; Preface; 1. Springboards and strategies; 2. The Second Industrial Revolution at home and abroad; 3. Race for empire; 4. 'America will take this continent in hand alone'; 5. Crossing the oceans; 6. 1893-1896: Chaos and crises; 7. The empire of 1898 - and upheaval; 8. Pacific empire - and upheaval; 9. Theodore Roosevelt: conservative as revolutionary; 10. William Howard taft and the age of revolution; Conclusion: the 1865-1913 era restated; Bibliographic essay; Index; Maps.


'LaFeber's new book The American Search for Opportunity, 1865-1913, is important for one central reason: the debut of an audacious new thesis on the era of modernisation and empire ... LaFeber's thesis is significant in constitutional s well as diplomatic history. This is daring business ... [His] book is a breeze to read - stimulating, lively, fresh ... sometimes rolling with rhetorical power. As his books on the Panama Canal and Central America, he writes informatively and easily about the states and societies with which the United States dealt.' The Journal of American-East Asian Relations 'Happily the new, four-volume Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations provides an opportunity to scan the past two centuries for indications of the shape of foreign policy in the post-Cold War world. Each of the four books stands on its own. Each offers a clear overview of a particular period written by a distinguished historian drawing on a considerable body of research,itself the product of decades of scholarly endeavour. None is simply a chronicle of events.' World Policy Journal 'The four volumes in this new offering from Cambridge University Press provide a magisterial overview of American diplomatic history from the Revolution to 1991. The four authors are all recognised experts in the periods they cover. These volumes are much more than surveys; each author shares with the reader his interpretation of the larger historical scholarship for years to come.' Library Journal
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