International Law Reports

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International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of courts and arbitrators, as well as judgements of national courts.


Table of Cases Reported; I. Decisions of International Tribunals; Court of Justice of the European Communities; French Republic v. Commission of the European Communities (Case C327/91) (1994), SAT Fluggesellschaft mbH v. European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Case C364/92) (1994), European Court of Human Rights; Markt Intern Verlag GmbH and Klaus Beermann Case (1989), Autronic AG Case (1990), Groppera Radio AG and Others Case (1990), International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; In the Matter of Tradic (Application for a Formal Request for Deferral) (1994), II. Decision of Municipal Courts; Chiou Yaou Fa v. Morris [Australia] (1987), Schoenmakers v. Director of Public Prosecutions [Australia] (1991), Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trde and Others v. Magno and Another [Australia] (1992), Reid v. Republic of Nauru [Australia] (1992), R v. Donyadideh and Others [Australia] (1993), Regina v. Salvador, Wannamaker, Campbell and Nunes [Canada] (1981), Regina v. MacDonald [Canada] (1982), Re Mitchell and The Queen [Canada] (1983), Re Regina and Palacios [Canada] (1984), Aziz v. Caruzzi [Italy] (1983), Labyad v. Ilari [Italy] (1983), Food and Agricultural Organisation v. INPDAI [Italy] (1983), Re Almirante and Cecovini (Case No 300/84) [Italy] (1984), Church v. Ferraino and Others (Case No 283) [Italy] (1986), Consul-General of Belgium in Naples v. Esposito (Case No 666) [Italy] (1986), Largueche v. Tancredi Fenu (Case No 9321) [Italy] (1987), Panattoni v. Federal Republic of Germany (Case No 6172) [Italy] (1987), British Consulate-General in Naples v. Toglia (Case No 2329) [Italy] (1989), Condor and Filvem v. Minister of Justice (Case No 329) [Italy] (1992), MvdV v. Minister of Foreign Affairs [The Netherlands] (1983), Compania Naviera Panlieve SA v. Public Prosecutor [The Netherlands] (1984), PMJ v. Public Prosecutor [The Netherlands] (1985), Compania Naviera Panlieve SA v. Public Prosecutor [The Netherlands] (1984), PMJ v. Public Prosecutor [The Netherlands] (1986), FdCS v. Minister for Foreign Affairs [The Netherlands] (1986), Netherlands v. Bergings en transportbeddrijf Van den Akker and Another [The Netherlands] (1986), JK v. Public Prosecutor [The Netherlands] (1987), Menten v. Federal Republic of Germany [The Netherlands] (1987), Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and Another v. Public Prosecutor and Another [The Netherlands] (1988), Muiden Chemie BV v. State Secretary for Economic Affairs [The Netherlands] (1988), Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and another v. Vulcanus II Shipping Company and Another [The Netherlands] (1989), Tavita v. Minister of Immigration [New Zealand] (1993), Goldman v. Thai Airways International Ltd [England] (1983), Re Rafidain Bank [England] (1991), In re Pan American World Airways Inc and Others' Application [England] (1992), In re Paramount airways Ltd (In Administration) [England] (1992), Du Pree and Others v. United States [United States] (1977), DeMauro Construction Corporation v. United States [United States] (1978), Sumitomo Shoji America, Inc v. Avagliano; Avagliano v. Sumitomo Shoji America Inc [United States] (1982), Collins and Others v. Weinberger and Others [United States] (1983), Canadian Overseas Ores Ltd v. Compania de acero del Pacifico [United States] (1984), Trans World Airlines, Inc v. Franklin Mint Corporation and Others; Franklin Mint Corporation and Others v. Trans World airlines, Inc [United States] (1984),Wickes v. Olympic Airways [United States] (1984), Gerritsen v. de la Madrid Hurtado and Others [United States] (1987), Joseph v. Office of the Consulate General of Nigeria and Others [United States] (1987), Kline and Others v. Kaneko and Others [United States] (1988), Lasidi SA and Others v. Financiera Svenida SA and Others [United States] (1989), Liu v. Republic of China [United States] (1989), Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Ce
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