Funding the Modern American State, 1941 1995: The Rise and Fall of the Era of Easy Finance

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The fiscal crisis faced by the American federal government represents the end of a fiscal regime that began with the financing of World War II. In this volume, an interdisciplinary group of scholars explores the history of American taxation and public finance since 1941 in an attempt to understand the political, social, and economic forces that have shaped the current regime. Specifically, they examine the historical context of earlier tax programs and national crises; explore the ways post-1941 governments used taxation to finance war, social security, and economic stability; analyze the politics of post-1941 tax reform; and apply history to a consideration of the dynamics that are likely to characterize future tax regimes. The contributors recognize both the power of democratic forces outside the federal government and the influence of government institutions - the presidency, congressional leadership, professional experts within government, political partisanship, and constitutional strictures.


Part I. Introduction: Methodological and Historical: 1. Reflections on the history of taxation; 2. Tax regimes, national crises, and state-building in America; Taxation for War, Social Security, and Economic Stability: 3. Mass-based income taxation: creating a taxpaying culture, 1940-1952; 4. Social security and the financing of the American state; 5. The fiscal revolution in America; Part II. 1964 to 1994: Tax Reform and the Political Process: 6. Learning the ways and means: Wilbur Mills and a fiscal community, 1954-1964; 7. American business and the taxing state: alliances for growth in the postwar period; The Next Revenue Regime: 8. Financing the American state at the turn of the century.
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