Latin America Between the Second World War and the Cold War: Crisis and Containment, 1944 1948

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The period from 1944 45 to 1947 48 represents an important conjuncture in the political and social history of twentieth-century Latin America.


Part I. Introduction: The Post-War Conjuncture in Latin America: 1. Democracy, labor and the left Leslie Bethell, Ian Roxborough; Part II. Country Studies: 1. Brazil Leslie Bethell; 2. Chile Andrew Barnard; 3. Argentina Mario Rapoport; 4. Bolivia Laurence Whitehead; 5. Venezuela Steve Ellner; 6. Peru Nigel Haworth; 7. Mexico Ian Roxborough; 8. Cuba Harold Sims; 9. Nicaragua Jeffrey Gould; 10. Costa Rica Rodolfo Cerdas Cruz; 11. Guatemala James Dunkerley; Conclusion: the post-war conjuncture in Latin America and its consequences; Index.


"...what seemed an auspicious moment for social democratic forces soon gave way in most countries to authoritarian repression, restrictions on the left, military coups and conservative consolidation. This illuminating volume analyzes why this occurred, concentrating on the interplay between domestic economic and social factors and the influence of U.S. policy." Foreign Affairs "...the eleven essays in this volume are remarkably even in their high quality...a valuable addition to the relatively sparse historical literature on the early Cold War years in Latin America." Daniel Masterson, The Americas
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