The Church Retrospective

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Januar 1998



Reflections of the ways in which the legacy of the past has affected the life of the Church over the centuries.


Andrew Martindale; "The faith of our fathers" - the making of the early Christian past; past creeds and present formula at the Council of Chalcedon; bringing the Holy Sepulchre to the west - S Stefano, Bologna, from the 5th to the 20th century; perceptions of the Anglo-Saxon past in the 10th-century monastic-reform movement; St Symeon the new theologian (949-1022) - Byzantine spiritual renewal in search of a precedent; the past and monastic debate in the time of Bernard of Clairvaux; a 12th-century view of the historical Church - Orderic Vitalis; a 13th-century genealogy of heresy; "Principium et origo ordinis" - the Humiliati and their origins; Ockham's vision of the primitive Church; Wyclif and the wheel of time; Theodolinda - the 15th-century recollection of a Lombard queen; European Calvinism - history, providence and martyrdom; "By this mark you shall know him" - clerical celibacy and Antichrist in English Reformation polemic; the importance of dying earnestly - the metamorphosis of the account of James Bainham in Foxe's "Book of Martyrs"; conciliar authority in Reformation Scotland - the example of the Kennedy/Davidson debate, 1558-63; impolitic pictures - providence, history, and the iconography of Protestant nationhood in early Stuart England; Laudian Foxe-hunting? - William Laud and the status of John Foxe in the 1630s; text before trowel - Antonio Bosio's "Roma Sotterranea" revisited; Fontevrault looks back to her founder - reform and the attempts to canonize Robert of Arbrisse; "To let the memory of these men dye is injurious to posterity" - Edmund Calamy's "Account" of the ejected ministers; Dutch Protestantism and its pasts; "standing in the old ways" - historical legitimation of Church reform in the Church of England, c 1825-65; Benjamin Webb (1819-85) and Victorian ecclesiology; Victorian nonconformity and the memory of the ejected ministers - the impact of the bicentennial commemorations of 1862; Christian civilization and Italic civilization - Italian Catholic theses from Gioberti to Pius XII; reconstructing the Reformation - F.D. Maurice, Luther and justification; the Oxford Movement in late-19th-century retrospect - R.W. Church, J.H. Rigg and Walter Walsh; the study of the catholic tradition of the Kirk - Scoto-Catholics and the worship of the reformers; a pre-modern interpretation of the modern - the English Catholic Church and the "social quetion" in the early-20th century; St Clare of Assissi and the Poor Clares - a new spring.
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