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In contrast to the destructive "separate from nature" attitude, this title looks to various peoples as an example of societies where human beings revere nature for itself - societies where human beings flourish as individuals, in families, and in communities.


Acknowledgments Introduction Flying on Faith A Call to Hear People against Nature An Indigenous Perspective The Paradoxical Thesis The Intellectual Journey 1. Our Christian Heritage Plague and Passion Play Anthropocentrism and Original Sin Insecurity Breeds Concentration of Power Medieval Repression of People Secularizing Jeopardy and Power The Separation of Mind from Body 2. Commercialism The Five-Part Pattern in Commercialism Comparative Advantage and the Promised Future 3. Industrialism Standardization and Centralization Industrialism and Commercialism The Industrial Revolution, Colonialism, and Slavery Faith in Progress Class Stratification Skepticism about Darwin's Theory The Industrial Evolutionary Theory Social Darwinism's Justification of Inequality Sociobiology and the Subordination of Women Suppressing Individuality 4. Nationalism, Bureaucracy, and the Holocaust The Importance of Government The Importance of Nationalism Dachau and Anti-Semitism The Inadequacy of Hate The Nature of Bureaucracy The Importance of Bureaucracy Moral Progress Departure 5. Nuclear Power and Radiation Exposure The Hearing Begins Dangers of Radiation Uranium Miners Uranium Mining as a Radiation Pump Impact on Indigenous Communities Creating Radioactivity International Conspiracy The Politics of Nuclear Waste Unjust Distribution of Risks 6. Nuclear Power and Human Oppression Government Subsidies and Financial Failures Borrowing from Future Generations The Scarcity of Uranium Plutonium as a Military Threat The Global Warming Rationale The Gulf War Rejecting Responsibility 7. Indigenous Peace and Prosperity Why Discuss Indigenous Cultures? Stateless, Egalitarian Indigenous People Statelessness and Violence Food Abundance and Population Control Poverty and Exchange Industrial Poverty 8. Indigenous World Views Natural Sufficiency and Cyclical Time Meaning, Security, and Individualism Rootedness and the Expansion of Society The Noncommercial and Sacred Indigenous World Views Are Nature-Friendly 9. Implications Promoting Change Family Values Crime, Pornography, Drug Abuse, and the Work Ethic Creating Jeopardy Is Good Business Rejecting Utopian Thinking Invention Is the Mother of Necessity New Faith and Values 10. Practical Suggestions An Alternative Politics Agriculture International Trade Transportation Energy, Equity, and Population Control Living with Nature The Flight Home Smoke in the Cabin Choosing What to Believe Denial Sources Index
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