Politics, Society and Christianity in Vichy France

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Deals with the attitudes and activities of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, in France during the Vichy regime and under the German yoke. Halls shows how Christians reacted to Marshal Petain and the Laval government, as well as to the Allies, the Germans, the Resistance and the Vatican.


Christians and Pre-War Politics;
Prelude to Vichy;
The Man of Destiny;
Christians in Disarray;
The Church and New Laws;
Christians and Jews: The Aftermath Christians and the Allies;
Christians, Bombings and "Terrorism";
Christians and Germans;
Christians and the Resistance;
Vichy, the Church and the Vatican;
The Church and Economic and Social Affairs Youth Policy and the Church;
Youth Movements;
Christians and Deportation to Germany;
Christians and the Collaborationists;
"Epuration" and the Higher Clergy.


W. D. Halls, Onetime Supernumary Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford


'This magnificent book, the first in either French or English to provide an overall assessment of the attitudes and activities of Christians during the occupation, presents a more measured picture...it will be difficult to better the thorough and dispassionate scholarship presented here.'THES, August 9th, 1996'Indispensable for every student of the period ... an outstanding work of history.'Theodore Zeldin'A first-rate and much-needed updating of the religious history of the Vichy years in France.'Robert O. Paxton'This book fills a huge hole in existing historical studies of the Vichy period ... All university courses on France during this period will wish to recommend it, and the clarity of style makes it such that it will recommend itself to informed readers outside academic institutions.'H. R. Kedward'... a remarkable book. Halls demonstrates the great complexities and diversities of the Church's actions and policies in Vichy France; nowhere more so than when he tac
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