J. William Fulbright, Vietnam, and the Search for a Cold War Foreign Policy

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J. William Fulbright was the longest serving and most powerful chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and among the first American critics of the Vietnam War. His criticism was particularly galling to Lyndon Johnson. An abridgement of Randall Woods's original prize-winning biography of Fulbright, this edition presents the full story of Fulbright's role as one of the leading congressional opponents of the Vietnam War.


1. Taking the stage; 2. Cuba and Camelot; 3. 'Freedom's Judas-Coat'; 4. Of myths and realities; 5. Avoiding Armageddon; 6. Escalation; 7. Texas hyperbole; 8. The hearings; 9. The politics of dissent; 10. Widening the credibility gap; 11. The price of Empire; 12. Denouement; 13. Nixon and Kissinger; 14. Of arms and men; 15. Sparta or Athens?; 16. Cambodia; 17. A foreign affairs alternative; 18. Privileges and immunities; 19. The invisible wars; 20. Conclusion.


'Chapter after chapter, I found myself wishing that Fulbright had been listened to, that his voice had carried farther. What a different history - certainly less destructive and more progressive from that contained in this fair-minded book - we would have had if the advice of the outspoken senator from Arkansas had been heeded.' Thomas G. Paterson 'The book is as readable as it and its subject are important.' Walter LaFeber, Cornell University 'In this compelling biography, Randall Woods has vividly captured the contradictions of a complex man and the political drama of his three tumultuous decades in the US Senate.' Ronald Steel, University of Southern California, , author of Walter Lippman and the American Century
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