The Scar That Binds: American Culture and the Vietnam War

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In The Scar That Binds, Keith Beattie examines the central metaphors of the Vietnam War and their manifestations in American culture and life. Blending history and cultural criticism in a lucid style, this provocative book discusses an ideology of unity that has emerged through widespread rhetorical and cultural references to the war. A critique of this ideology reveals three dominant themes structured in a range of texts: the "wound", "the voice" of the Vietnam veteran, and "home". The analysis of each theme draws on a range of sources, including film, memoir, poetry, written and oral history, journalism, and political speeches.


"Bold... The greatest pleasure the book offers is the often thought-provoking close reading of both familiar and long-forgotten movies and fiction of the Vietnam War era." --The Journal of American History "Beattie shows us how ideological strategies operate and, thereby, prepares us to outflank them in the future. The importance of his contribution to the study ofAmerican culture can hardly be overstated." --Contemporary Sociology "... brilliantly shows how the war lost abroad was subsequently won at home." --American Quarterly
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