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April 1998



Spanning nearly 20 years of writing by one of the premier critics of popular music today, this book reveals DeCurtis's ongoing engagement with rock 'n' roll as an artistic forum, a source of personal inspiration, and a compelling site of cultural struggle.


Anthony DeCurtis is a contributing editor at "Rolling Stone," where he worked on staff for nine years as a writer and editor. He worked for a year (1995) as an on-air correspondent and editorial director at VH1, was the popular music critic for "Weekend All Things Considered" on National Public Radio from 1991 to 1995, and has written for a wide range of periodicals, including the "New York Times," "USA Today," and "Vibe." He coedited "The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll" and "The Rolling Stone Album Guide" and edited "Present Tense: Rock & Roll and Culture," also published by Duke University Press. DeCurtis received the 1988 Grammy Award in the "Best Album Notes" category and has three times received ASCAP Deems Taylor Awards for excellence in writing about music. He is also a member of the nominating committee for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


"Anthony DeCurtis's collection offers literate and deeply inform ed profiles of the artists responsible for our musical landscape."-Mark Oppenheimer, New York Times Book Review "Having the best of DeCurtis in one volume is a great and overdue pleasure."-Bill Flanagan, Editorial Director, VH1 "Rocking My Life Away... passionately blends music, journalism, remembrance, and argument with a fresh perspective... Like bell hooks and Mikal Gilmore, DeCurtis understands the links between culture and music. His book brilliantly chronicles the chaotic times in which they coexist."-Michael E. Ross, Vibe "Rocking My Life Away is a fan's notes and far more: DeCurtis's erudite prose combines passionate thinking about popular culture and an informed feel for what moves us at the most personal level. It is a highly satisfying collection."-Barbara O'Dair, Editor of Us Magazine and the Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock "DeCurtis enters a scene without an agenda, providing a sparkling and untainted view and permitting the essential truths of each experience to emerge. The top-notch writing in this book has remarkable clarity."-Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix "
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