Freeing China's Farmers: Rural Restructuring in the Reform Era

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Juni 1997



A comprehensive analysts of China's rural reforms, this book links local experiences to national policy, showing the dynamic tension in the reform process among state policy, local cadre power and self-interest, and the peasants' search for economic growth. Key topics covered include: the responsibility system, privatization and changing property rights, industrialization, social conflict, cadre corruption, urban-rural relations, conflict over land, rural urbanization, and the impact of globalization. The introduction skillfully integrates the themes that run throughout this work and the concluding chapter focuses on current and future problems in rural China.


A lively introduction to New York state and local politics by a political scientist and a former State Assembly member, who infuse their discussion of institutions and processes with the drama and significance of real power politics. Most New Yorkers have very little knowledge of how influence is wielded in Albany;
here is a chance to look behind those closed doors. The book covers constitutional issues;
historical, economic, social, and demographic characteristics of New York;
the functioning of executive, legislative, and judicial institutions;
urban, local, and special district governments;
parties, interest groups, and bureaucracies;
finance, budgets, and health, education, and welfare programs.
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