Women Plantation Workers: International Experiences

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Mai 1998



A collection of essays giving case studies of female labour in historical and contemporary plantations in different parts of the world. The book aims to provide a close understanding of women workers and the socio-economic systems of plantations in a variety of New and Old World settings.


Shobita Jain IGNOU, New Delhi Rhoda Reddock University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago


'The literature on plantations [...] has been substantial. Attention to women workers has, however, been scattered and sparse. The book fills a gap both in the history of post-colonial states and that of the economic expansion of Europe.'Oxford: The Journal of the Oxford Society'The book should arouse concern or interest on several counts: the fate or otherwise in the future, of poorly educated women workers, with limited skills, trapped, if to some extent liberated, from patriarchal dominanace, on commercial plantations; how far plantations cause migration, re-alignment of gender roles, and the blending of cultures.'Anthropology in Action'Women Plantation Workers encourages us to think in fresh and expansive ways.'American Anthropologist
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