Compendium of American Musicology: Essays in Honor of John F. Ohl

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Juli 1999



The scope of John F. Ohl's musicological interests and influence is honored in this wide-ranging collection of thirteen essays. Arranged chronologically by subject, the essays cover the history of Western music from the liturgical chants of the Middle Ages to the nineteenth-century symphony and the tonal innovations of the twentieth century.Each of the contributions is distinguished by original scholarship and provocative analysis. Theodore Karp's study of Mass traditions at Chartres, William V. Porter's source study of a seventeenth-century manuscript of Roman cantatas, A. Peter Brown's source and textual research on the strong trio version of the Princess Esterhazy sonatas, and the ten other essays in the volume illuminate not only the history and development of Western music since the Middle Ages, but also John Ohl's profound understanding of the origins and continuity of that history, and his passionate ability to share and teach his knowledge.The collection also includes a biography of John F. Ohl by Enrique Alberto Arias, a bibliography of Ohl's publications, and an essay by Ohl on George Frederick Handel.


Enrique Alberto Arias was an Associate Professor at DePaul University's School of New Learning and president of Ars Musica Chicago. He died in 2004.
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