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Discusses the various implications of the new managed-care health care systems.


Contents: Introduction: Health Care into the Next Century Mark A. Peterson Part 1 The Market Model Can Markets Give Us the Health System We Want? Thomas Rice Going for the Gold: The Redistributive Agenda behind Market-Based Health Care Reform Robert G. Evans Commentary: Who Was That Straw Man Anyway? A Comment on Evans and Rice 104 Mark V. Pauly Commentary: What Does Economics Have to Say about Health Policy Anyway? A Comment and Correction on Evans and Rice Martin Gaynor and William B. Vogt Response: A Reply to Gaynor and Vogt, and Pauly Thomas Rice Response: Coarse Correction - And Way off Target Robert G. Evans The Technocratic Wish: Making Sense and Finding Power in the "Managed" Medical Marketplace Gary S. Belkin The Doctor as Businessman: The Changing Politics of a Cultural Icon Deborah A. Stone Part 2 The Market in Practice The Dynamics of Market-Level Change Paul B. Ginsburg The Health System in Transition: Care, Cost, and Coverage Kenneth E. Thorpe Markets, Medicare, and Making Do: Business Strategies after National Health Care Reform Cathiejo Martin Managed Care and Medicare Reform Jonathan B. Oberlander Markets and Medicaid: Insights from Oregon and Tennessee Marsha Gold Part 3 Reflections on the Road Ahead The Limits of Social Learning: Translating Analysis into Action 319 Mark A. Peterson Exceptionalism as the Rule? U.S. Health Policy Innovation and Cross-National Learning 353 Lawrence D. Brown Forecasting American Health Care: How We Got Here and Where We Might Be Going 367 Theodore R. Marmor Bibliography; Contributors; Index


Mark A. Peterson is Associate Professor of Public and International Affairs, Political Science, and Health Services Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the editor of the "Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law" and author of "Legislating Together: The White House and Capitol Hill from Eisenhower to Reagan."


""Healthy Markets?" does what we always want and rarely get in an edited volume: combine the different perspectives of many fine scholars into a whole that is greater than the parts. The essays are sometimes contentious, often brilliant, and always illuminating. They add up to a rich assessment both of health policy in the mid-1990s and of the forces that will determine what happens next."--Joseph White, Tulane University Medical Center
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