Arthurian Literature XVI

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Dezember 1998



This latest issue of Arthurian Literaturecontinues the tradition of the journal in combining theoretical studies with editions of primary Arthurian texts. There is a special focus on Glastonbury Abbey's involvement in Arthurian legend from the twelfth century on, with a contribution on Guenevere's tomb, an annotated edition of the hitherto unpublished Glastonbury relic list, and the second part of the edition of the fourteenth-century Glastonbury tablets begun in Arthurian Literature 15. The volume also includes a study of the youth of the Grail hero, Percival; an annotated translation of the fourteenth-century De origine gigantum; and an important essay by the leading Tudor historian, DAVID STARKEY, on the waysin which Henry VIIII used Malory's Arthur as a model for Tudor kingship. This is the final issue edited by FELICITY RIDDY and JAMES CARLEY; their successor is KEITH BUSBY. Contributors: CHRISTOPHER YOUNG, CHARLES T. WOOD, JEANNE KROCHALIS, JAMES P. CARLEY, MARTIN HOWLEY, CLAUDE LUTTRELL, DAVID STARKEY, RUTH EVANS


The character of the individual in Hartmann von Aue's "Erec", Christopher Young; Guenevere at Glastonbury - a problem in translation(s), Charles T. Wood; "Magna Tabula" - the Glastonbury tablets (Part 2), Jeanne Krochalis; relics at Glastonbury in the 14th century - an annotated edition of British Library, Cotton Titus D.vii, fols 2r-13r, James P. Carley and Martin Howley; the upbringing of Perceval Heroes, Claude Luttrell; King Henry and King Arthur, David Starkey; gigantic origins - an annotated translation of "De Origine Gigantum", Ruth Evans.
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