Sauncey and Mr. King's Gallery

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Between 1821 and 1842, Charles Bird King, a famous artist, painted portraits of the Indians, portraying at least 143 individuals. In this fictionalized account, Sauncey, an eight-year-old free black, lives in Mr. King's house a few blocks from the president's house with her mamma, Mr. King's cook. Sauncey dreams of becoming a grand lady with a feather in her bonnet like the ones in the portraits painted by Mr. King.One day, Jed, the yard boy, told Sauncey that he had just been down on Pennsylvania Avenue and had seen Indians all over the place. Her mama said that Mr. King was going to paint their pictures. Later, when everyone was out, Sauncey answered a knock on the door -- Indians!

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Untertitel: 15 color illustraions. Sprache: Englisch.
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