Reincarnation in Modern Life

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Juni 1998



Reincarnation is usually considered to be ancient, non-Christian doctrine originating in the East. Is it compatible with the teachings of Christianity? In a lively and fluid style, Pietro Archiati describes the approach to reincarnation taken by the spiritual master Rudolf Steiner -- an approach which is wholly relevant to Western consciousness and steeped in true Christianity.By applying and developing Steiner's ideas, Archiati brings the concepts of reincarnation to bear on many aspects of modern life, including such vexed issues as abortion and rape. He addresses the question of whether reincarnation appears in the New Testament, and explains how we can understand theological problems such as Christ's Resurrection and the resurrection of the body from this wider context.


PIETRO ARCHIATI was born in 1944 in Brescia, Italy. He studied philosophy and theology, and worked for many years as a Catholic priest. In 1977 he had a decisive encounter with the work of Rudolf Steiner. He later worked as a teacher in a seminary in South Africa. Since 1987 he has been working independently as a freelance lecturer and author for a regeneration of humanity through a modern scientific awareness of spiritual beings and realities.
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