Lev Krevza's "Defense of Church Unity" (1617): And Zaxariya Kopystens'kyj's "Palinodiya" or "Book of Defense of the Holy Apostolic Eastern Catholic Ch

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Lev Krevza's "Defense of Church Unity" (1617), on the Uniate side, and Zaxarija Kopystens'kyj's "Palinodia" (1621), a monumental defense of the Eastern Church, are arguably the most erudite, comprehensive, and persuasive works on the ecclesiastical debate between these two groups. This two-volume work illuminates the intense struggle ignited when, at the time of the Union of Brest (1596), a large part of the Ruthenian ecclesiastical hierarchy declared itself in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Bohdan Struminski provides English translations from the original Ruthenian and Middle Polish texts.


The "Harvard Library of Early Ukrainian Literature" is a monumental series--of original works and translations thereof into English and Ukrainian--published in commemoration of the millennium of Christianity in Rus'-Ukraine. The volumes published to date are devoted primarily to the early seventeenth century, a period of great polemical activity between adherents of the Ruthenian (Ukrainian-Belarusian) Orthodox Church on the one hand, and of the Uniate Church on the other. Part I of the volumes under discussion here combines in one book two major polemical treatises, Krevza's "Defense" from the Uniate side, and Kopystens'kyj's massive "Palinodija" from the Orthodox, written in response to Krevza. Part II represents a catalogue of all of the identifiable written sources referred to in them. The two books are beautifully produced, the translations excellent; the publication of these texts in English translation, together with the invaluable list of sources, will give scholars in the fiel
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