Masters and Servants on the Cape Eastern Frontier, 1760-1803

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Describing the volatile relationship between European settlers and the indigenous Khoisan peoples in eighteenth-century southern Africa, this book explores the underlying causes of this pervasive violence in the eastern Cape, and considers the fate of the many women and children captured by Boer commandos and then assimilated to the condition of captive labor. It also offers a detailed analysis of the frontier economy, linking it to the markets and merchants of Cape Town, and revealing its subservience to the commercial policies of the Dutch East India Company.


1. Introduction; 2. Introducing the characters; 3. Initial encounters of an uncertain kind; 4. 'A multitude of lawless banditti'; 5. Strong things; 6. 'The frenzy of the heathen'; 7. The enemy within; 8. 'We do not live like beasts'; 9. 'A time of breathing'; 10. Postscript.


"Newton-King's book is subtle, arefully researched, and admirably argued evocation of the interaction between Dutch hunters, pastorialists, and would-be farmers, and the indigenous Khoisan inhabitants of the Cape Colony's eastern frontier." Choice
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