The Gold Standard and Related Regimes: Collected Essays

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Bordo's classic essays on the gold standard and related regimes based directly or indirectly on gold convertibility.


Foreword Anna J. Schwartz; 1. The gold standard and related regimes: introduction to the collection; Part I. History of Doctrine and the Gold Standard: 2. The gold standard: theory; 3. The gold standard: the traditional approach; 4. John E. Cairnes on the effects of the Australian gold discoveries, 1851-73: an early application of the methodology of positive economics; Part II. The Gold Standard as a Commodity Standard: 5. The classical gold standard: some lessons for today; 6. A model of the classical gold standard with depletion written with Richard Wayne Ellson; Part III. The Gold Standard as a Contingent Rule: 7. The gold standard as a commitment mechanism written with Finn E. Kydland; 8. The operation of the specie standard: evidence for core and peripheral countries, 1880-1990 written with Anna J. Schwartz; 9. The gold standard as a 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval' written with Hugh Rockoff; Part IV. Historical Case Studies: 10. A tale of two currencies: British and French finances during the Napoleonic Wars written with Eugene N. White; 11. Money, deflation and seigniorage in the fifteenth century: a review essay; Part V. The Bretton Woods International Monetary System: 12. The Bretton Woods International Monetary System: a historical overview; 13. Is there a good case for a Bretton Woods International Monetary System? Index.


"Michael Bordo is to be commended for having given us a volume of collected essays (some written jointly with others) that admirably blend theory and history in five parts treating doctrinal thought, gold as a commodity standard, the gold standard as a contingent rule, historical cases, and the Bretton Woods system...this is a provocative and stimulating collection of essays that deserve the careful consideration of scholars and policymakers alike. It opens the door to many avenues of fruitful research that will almost certainly better our understanding of regime change and its significance for economic performance." Journal of Economics
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