Titian and the Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice

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This study examines the development of the altarpiece in sixteenth-century Venice.


Part I. The Environment: 1. Venetian altarpieces of saints; 2. The martyrdom altarpiece: history and significance; 3. The stimulus for innovation: the menace to faith; Part II. Titian's St Peter Martyr Altarpiece: 4. St Peter Martyr and Venice: his life and cult; 5. The St Peter Martyr Altarpiece comes into being: the particulars; 6. Titian at work: responding to the challenge; Part III. Modifications: 7. Titian's achievement: the fabrication of reality; 8. Natura si vinta dall'arte: the St Peter Martyr Altarpiece as sign for the Venetian aesthetic; 9. The St Peter Martyr Altarpiece interpreted: subsequent altar painting in Venice; Excursus: the drawings connected with the St Peter Martyr Altarpiece; Bibliography; Appendices; Significant painted copies; Illustrations.


"An extremely useful teaching tool for upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty." Choice "A study that places this one work in its cultural and historial context, and in doing so offers the reader an opening into the understanding of altarpieces as more than 'just' religious pictures." Art Book "Patricia Meilman's book, Titian and the Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice is a monograph on this appalling loss from the corpus of European painting. As one might expect from a revised dissertation, the apparatus occupies almost half the book's 260 pages and offers material not available elsewhere." - The Catholic Historical Review William Hood, Oberlin College
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