International Law Reports

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August 1999



The International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. It is therefore an essential work of reference. Cases are drawn from every relevant jurisdiction--international and national. The volumes are prepared at the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law in the University of Cambridge. All decisions in other languages are translated into English. Because of the standing and scope of its coverage, the series is widely cited in judgments of international and national tribunals. No other publication provides a comparable coverage of case law in this field. The series should be an essential holding for every library providing even minimal international law coverage. These reports offer the most economical and efficient way of accessing the whole range of international case law.


Laguna del Desierto - Dispute concerning the Course of the Frontier between B. P. 62 and Mount Fitzroy (Argentina/Chile) [International Arbitral Tribunal] 21/10/1994 Judgment, 13/10/1995 Request for Revision, 13/10/1995 Resolution; Kremzow v. Republic of Austria (Case C-299/95) [Court of Justice of European Communities - Fifth Chamber] 29/5/1997; Commission of the European Communities v. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Case C-473/93) [CJEC] 2/7/1996; Opel Austria Gmbh v. Council of the European Union (Case T-115/94) [Court of Justice of European Communities - Fourth Chamber] 22/1/1997; Commission of the European Communities v. Council of the European Union (Case C-25/94) [CJEC] 19/3/1996; Forafrique Burkinabe SA v. Commission of the European Communities (Case C-182/91) [Court of Justice of European Communities - Fifth Chamber] 29/4/1993; Abbott v. South Africa (Decision No 107/92) [Spain] 1/7/1992; Manauta v. Embassy of Russian Federation [Argentina] 22/12/1994; National Sanitation Services v. Embassy of Cuba [Argentina] 25/2/1992; Romero v. Ministry of Defence and United Nations [Argentina] 12/9/1995; International Institute of Refrigeration v. Elkaim [France] 8/11/1988; Societe Ouest Africaine des Betons Industriels (SOABI) and Others v. Senegal [France] 5/12/1989 and 11/6/1991; National Iranian Gas Corporation v. Pipeline Services and Another [France] 2/5/1990; Duvalier v. State of Haiti [France] 29/5/1990; Robert v. Procureur de la Republique [France] 29/5/1990; Ministry for Economic and Financial Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran v. Societe Framatome and Others [France] 6/6/1990; Kuwait News Agency v. Parrott [France] 12/6/1990; Senghor v. International Bank for West Africa and Senegal [France] 9/10/1990; Mouracade v. Arab Republic of Yemen [France] 20/2/1991; Barrandon v. United States [France] 7/1/92 and 14/6/95; Syndicat des Coproprietaires du 14/16 Boulevard Flandrin [France] 16/7/1992; Economic Community of West African States v. Bank of Credit and Commerce International [France] 13/1/1993; Estonia [France] 30/6/1993; Mobutu and Zaire v. Societe Logrine [France] 31/5/1994; Office for Cereals of Tunisia v. Societe Bec Freres [France] 4/1/1995; Hintermann v. Western European Union [France] 14/11/1995; Dioulo [France] 8/12/1995; Coco v. Argentina [France] 2/4/1996; Saignie v. Embassy of Japan [France] 11/2/1997; United States v. Perieres [France] 9/7/1997; Boimah v. UN General Assembly [United States of America] 24/7/1987; De Luca v. UN Organization and Others [United States of America] 10/1/1994; Alicog v. Saudi Arabia [United States of America] 10/8/1994; Askir v. Boutros-Ghali [United States of America] 29/7/1996; Jungquist v. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan [United States of America] 20/9/96; Smith v. Socialist People's Libyan Jamahiriya [United States of America] 26/11/1996 and 10/2/1997; Hirsch v. Israel and Germany [United States of America] 8/4/1997.
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