The Kalendarium of John Somer

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John Somer was one of the leading English astronomers of the late fourteenth century. Geoffrey Chaucer likely consulted Somer's "Kalendarium" to relate dates, times, and movements of the stars and planets to events in his tales. In her introduction to this scholarly edition, Linne Mooney discusses not only Somer's importance but also Chaucer's use of the "Kalendarium" in composing his texts from "The Parliament of Fowls" through "The Canterbury Tales." She examines the thirty-three complete and nine fragmentary copies of the work known today and explains Somer's innovative and influential eclipse tables, adopted by some scribes in later copies of the "Kalendarium" of Nicholas of Lynn, a contemporary of Somer's. Somer's "Kalendarium" itself is presented in the original Latin text with English translation on facing pages. Mooney also provides full textual apparatus for the eleven complete manuscripts closest to the base text.


Linne R. Mooney is an associate professor of English at the University of Maine and coauthor of "The Chronicle of John Somer."
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