Improving Learning and Teaching in the Arts

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Covers the contribution of arts to children's learning from Art and Design, Design for Technology to Drama and Music. The book also looks at the state of the arts in primary schools, and includes an evaluation of the relationships between the arts and those moral, spiritual, cultural and social values which impinge on all aspects of the arts and arts education. Each subject within the arts curriculum is considered separately to illustrate the general and specific issues which influence the work of the class teacher. The book also takes on the current thorny issue of assessment, recording and reporting, offering strategies for ways of responding to children's work, and suggestions for accumulating evidence on which to base assessment.


Series Introduction Kate Ashcroft and David James Section One: Common Issues Introduction Developing Primary Practice in the Arts Gloria Callaway 2. The Arts in Primary Schools Gloria Callaway and Mary Kear Section Two: Artforms 2. Drama: Narrative as a Unifying Theme in the Arts Mary Kear and Gloria Callaway 3. Music Jane Tarr 4. Talking About Art Gloria Callaway and Mary Kear 5. The Role of Dance in Cultural Development Nick Clough and Jane Tarr 6. Arts and Information and Communications Media Richard Eke and Terry Taylor Section Three: Celebrating the Arts for Everyone 7. Inclusivity Jane Tarr 8. Public Events in School Mary Kear and Gloria Callaway Notes on Contributors
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